Neuropsychological assessment is a powerful diagnostic technique. The assessment findings can resolve diagnostic puzzles by identifying subtle changes in cognitive function that are not detected by cognitive screening tests.

If there are concerns about changes in your cognitive functioning a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment can help to clarify the cause. For changes resulting from a previously diagnosed neurological condition (e.g. a stroke, traumatic brain injury, MS or Parkinson’s disease), a neuropsychological assessment can  identify cognitive challenges in everyday life and  the treatments that will optimize function.

At Peel Memory and Cognitive Disorders Clinic, we believe that knowledge is power.  We will talk openly with you about the assessment findings, the diagnosis, treatment options and practical strategies to cope with cognitive changes. We will take the time to provide clear answers to your questions.

Drs. Duncan and Freedman have each been practicing Clinical Neuropsychology for more than 20 years. This includes their clinical roles at Trillium and William Osler Health Centres, where they provided neuropsychological assessment and consultation services. The knowledge gained in the course of this extensive exposure to a wide range of neurological, medical and psychiatric disorders is the key to their ability to use neuropsychological assessment findings to provide clear answers regarding the cause and everyday implications of changes in cognitive functioning.