At Peel Memory and Cognitive Disorders Clinic, we specialize in conducting neuropsychological assessments with adults.

These fall into two categories:

  • Assessments for those concerned about recent  changes in their cognitive functioning, who are seeking a definitive diagnosis. Given the sensitivity of the measures that cover a broad range of cognitive functions, a neuropsychological assessment permits more refined diagnostic decisions than cognitive screening procedures. A neuropsychological assessment offers the unique ability to distinguish between normal aging and pathological cognitive changes; to identify whether psychological factors such as depression are affecting memory and other cognitive functions; and to distinguish between different conditions causing dementia (e.g. Alzheimer’s vs. fronto temporal dementia). Consequently,   numerous clinical guidelines recommend neuropsychological assessment as a method for addressing challenging diagnostic questions related to early or mild cognitive impairment and dementia.
  • Assessments for persons suffering from a previously diagnosed neurological condition, who require clarification of their cognitive status and treatment / rehabilitation needs or objective information regarding their ability to carry out specific tasks or activities. A neuropsychological assessment provides a detailed analysis of cognitive functioning necessary to plan rehabilitation interventions that address the consequences of a neurological condition (e.g. stroke or traumatic brain injury).  A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment provides a detailed understanding of cognitive strengths and weaknesses that contributes to decisions regarding a person’s ability to work, drive, live independently and manage finances.

We believe that quality of life can be improved with knowledge.  We will talk openly with you about the meaning of your assessment results and provide clear answers to your questions.

Although we do not offer treatment, our extensive experience collaborating with medical specialists (e.g. neurologists, geriatricians and psychiatrists), family physicians, clinical psychologists, speech language pathologists and occupational therapists, enables us to make appropriate treatment recommendations and referrals necessary to optimize  care.

At Peel Memory and Cognitive Disorders Clinic, we accept self referrals or referrals from physicians and other health professionals.  In this setting, we do not perform assessments at the request of lawyers, insurance companies, employers or WSIB.  We also do not assess patients whose cognitive symptoms are a result of a motor vehicle accident or any other form of injury resulting in litigation, even when referred by a physician.

Although neuropsychological assessments are not covered by OHIP, a portion of the fee may be covered by extended health care benefits.